Success Stories: NorthFinder

NorthFinder - A Success for ATA’s Sensors and Systems Business Thrust

The Sensors and Systems Unit at ATA recently built, tested and delivered an Earth Referenced Attitude Detector (ERAD), which we have termed our NorthFinder.

The NorthFinder is a Precision Azimuth and Vertical Angle Module (PAVAM) and a Multi-Sensor Azimuth Measurement Device.

It includes 6-Degrees of Freedom (6-DOF) measurement to provide northkeeping after northfinding (Azimuth/Vertical Angle) initialization.

It was designed for insertion onto Far Target Location Systems including Joint Effects Targeting System – Tactical Laser Designation System.

We have successfully delivered the NorthFinder to our customer for testing and are now performing further engineering and testing to achieve even better accuracy and smaller size.