Success Stories: Project Crimson

ATA Developed and Delivered Fifteen 1-inch Space-Qualified FSMs

ATA developed and delivered fifteen (15) 1-inch space-qualified fast steering mirrors (FSMs) for Project Crimson. These devices utilize a beryllium mirror providing a 1.5 kHz position closed-loop bandwidth and 2.5 kHz optical closed-loop bandwidth. These FSMs also featured <5µrad/mrad pointing accuracy. ATA’s design is scalable up to ~2.5 inches and the materials and coatings can be customized. We took our concept to hardware in under six months. Our Project Crimson FSMs utilize ATA’s space-qualified Common Processing Platform (CPP), which can control multiple FSMs simultaneously. ATA’s CPP is FPGA-based providing flexible communications interface support (SpaceWire, Controller Area Network (CAN), RS-232/422, and Custom Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS)).