Joint Ventures

ATA has successfully established Joint Ventures to provide dedicated, low cost solutions to our customers.  Our two current Joint Ventures, ATA Aerospace and ATAMIR-WSMR, are performing on key programs for our customers at Kirtland Air Force Base and White Sands Missile Range.

ATA Aerospace

ATA AerospaceATA Aerospace is a populated Joint Venture (JV) which was formed between Applied Technology Associates (ATA) and Arctic Slope Research Corporation (ASRC) Aerospace.  ATA Aerospace was created to bring comprehensive engineering, integration, logistics, and test services for satellite and high altitude balloon programs.

In April 2007, ATA Aerospace won the now completed Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate’s (AFRL/RV) Space Technology Research Analysis Integration and Test (STRAIT) contract.  In July 2012, ATA Aerospace successfully won, and is currently executing on the AFRL/RV Space Technology Research and Integrated Vehicle Experiments (STRIVE) contract, which is the follow-on to the STRAIT contract.


The White SandATAMIR-WSMRs Missile Range (WSMR) awarded the ATAMIR-WSMR Joint Venture (JV) a five-year contract for Test Engineering and Analysis Support (TE&AS) Services in 2008.  ATAMIR-WSMR is a JV between ATA and MIRATEK Corporation, with ATA as the managing partner.  The TE&AS contract supports WSMR in meeting the needs of government and commercial customers testing at WSMR facilities.  Under the TE&AS contract, ATAMIR-WSMR provides systems engineering ATAMIR-WSMRand analysis services that include test planning, execution, analysis, and reporting of test results from a weapon system's hardware and software perspective.  ATAMIR-WSMR provides hardware and software engineering support, both development of new products, as well as, the maintenance of existing systems.  In addition, it performs general test support tasks such as automatic data processing operations, data management, documentation services, and financial management services.