ATA Test Capabilities and Facilities

To support the development of inertial based systems ATA has developed test capabilities in house. These capabilities include thermal testing, shock, vibration (both linear and angular), inertial, and access to EMI test facilities. ATA is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and its headquarters building has research, manufacturing, and test capabilities as follows:

Applied Technology Associates

ATA Headquarters Building

43,000 Square Feet Total

  • 6 Labs with more than 6650 square feet
  • An 11 by 17 foot, Class 10,000/1,000 Clean Room with two Laminar Flow Benches
  • Offices for 100+ People
  • Three Conference Rooms
  • Training Classroom (540 square feet)
  • High Bay (7140 square feet, 7.5-ton Bridge Crane)
  • Secure Data Processing Facility (1358 square feet)

Equipment and Capabilities

  • Single-Axis Tables, 2-Axis Rate Table
  • Linear Shock and Vibration Table
  • Temperature and Humidity Chambers
  • Thermal-Vacuum Test Equipment
  • J-STD-001 Certified Electronics Assembly and Test
  • System Integration and System Performance Testing

        Applied Technology Associates       Applied Technology Associates

ATA’s Prototyping/Testing Facilities (left) and High Bay (right)

In addition to our research and development activities, ATA fabricates angular rate sensors and sensor packages that have evolved from technology developed under SBIR funding. ATA has various angular and linear motion test tables for testing at both high and low frequency including an Ideal Aerosmith Model 1601-4 Precision Rate Table. ATA has a 2-Axis Contraves Model 51D rate table and two Contraves 57CD 2-axis tables, enhanced with input motion control and instrumentation, for testing and calibrating IRUs, IMUs, and inertial sensors. A modified high-frequency Contraves 300 table performs wide-bandwidth calibrations and other tests. In addition, ATA has thermal and thermal-vacuum test capability.

        Applied Technology Associates       Applied Technology Associates

ATA can design, engineer and execute a wide variety of custom test programs. For example, ATA is subcontracted for calibrating gyros in volume. The high calibration throughput of this environment has paralleled the manufacturers throughput and has enabled them to meet market demand. ATA’s quality system provides robust cross-checking of each unit’s data and manufacturing quality.

ATA has been developing our expertise in space flight hardware design, integration and testing, so we have become familiar with a wide variety of tests and test services subcontractors. From EMI/EMC and acoustic testing to radiation hardness testing ATA can design and execute a test program that employs either our facilities or various subcontractors to ensure all requirements are verified.

As part of our space sensor system development our customers have requested that we perform extended life testing either on our sensors or those from other manufacturers. Test requirements include thermal cycling or thermal-vacuum cycling for thousands of cycles with data acquisition, x-ray testing, and trend analysis to ensure long-term sensor operation. Automatic control and data acquisition enable ATA to perform tests of this nature efficiently, reliably, and with minimal risk to the hardware.