ARS-06 MHD Angular Rate Sensor

The ARS-06 is a popular addition to our lineup of angular rate sensors.  The ARS-06 is designed to give performance similar to the ARS-01 in a smaller and less expensive package.  The ARS-06 is available in two standard models: the ARS-06 and the ARS-06S.  The ARS-06S uses a single-sided power supply commonly used in automotive crash testing.  The frequency response of the ARS-06 products comply with SAE J-211 Class 1000 frequency response specifications.

Multi-axis packages are available.

The ARS-06 and ARS-06S require use of the CA-06  cable  assembly.

 ARS-06 Angular Rate Sensor
ARS-06 and 06S MHD Angular Rate Sensor

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ATA's patented MHD angular motion sensors utilize the finest materials and workmanship combined in durable packages that  feature:

No moving parts
• Dynamic range > 100 dB
• Low power consumption
• Low cross axis angular sensitivity
• Low linear acceleration
• Integral electronics/low noise
• Three mounting options

• High survivable shock limits
• Superior applications support
• One-year warranty against defects
   in materials and workmanship on
   sensors, 90 days on cables.


ARS-06 and 06S MHD Angular Rate Sensor Arrays


ARS-06 Range1 ± 200 radian/sec (± 11,500 degree/sec)
ARS-06S Range2 ± 200 radian/sec (± 11,500 degree/sec)
ARS-06 Scale Factor3 50 mV/radian/sec (0.87 mV/degree/sec)
ARS-06S Scale Factor3 6.5 mV/radian/sec (0.11 mV/degree/sec)
Bandwidth4 0.38 to 1000 Hz
Cross-axis Angular Error < 2 %
Linear Acceleration Sensitivity < 0.005 radians/sec/g (<0.3 degrees/sec/g)
ARS-06 Voltage Noise PSD5 1.1 x 10-10 V2/Hz
ARS-06S Voltage Noise PSD5 1.5 x 10-9 V2/Hz
ARS-06 Noise Equivalent Angle < 80 microradians (rms)
ARS-06S Noise Equivalent Angle < 2.5 milliradians (rms)
Non-linearity < 0.1 %
Temperature Coefficient6 < 0.05 % Scale Factor / ºC



Power Dissipation < 0.3 Watts
Output Impedance < 100 Ohms
Grounding Base isolated from signal return

ARS-06 (requires CA-06 cable assembly) ARS-06S (requires CA-06 cable assembly)
Red Lead +Power (+5 Vdc to +15 Vdc) Red Lead +Power (+5 Vdc to +20 Vdc)
Black Lead Power and Signal Common (0 Vdc) Black Lead Power and Signal Common
White Lead -Power (-5 Vdc to -15 Vdc) White Lead Power and Signal Common
Yellow Lead Signal Yellow Lead Signal



Temperature – Operating -20 to +50 ºC (-4 to +122 ºF)
Temperature - Non-operating -20 to +50 ºC (-4 to +122 ºF)
Linear Acceleration, Max. Operating7 250 g any axis
Linear Acceleration, Max. Survivable7 250 g any axis


Angular Rate Sensor Magnitude

Angular Rate Sensor Phase


1. Based on a ± 10V output voltage swing.
2. Based on a ± 1.3V output voltage swing.
3. Measured @ 10 Hz
4. The standard frequency response of MHD sensors
    can be extended significantly by the use of digital
    filtering in post processing of signal data as covered
    in ATA  Sensors' application note AN-01.

5. Power spectral density flat to angular velocity over
    specified bandwidth.
6. Percent change in Scale Factor per ºC @ 100 Hz.
7. Peak, 100 Hz half sine.